No More War


        I dreamed they dropped the atom bomb.
        I stood and watched it from my back lawn.
        And all the people had left to do
        was fall into the fallout  stew.
        I don't know what they think they accomplish by
        blowing lots of people away

        No more war.  No more war.  No more war.
        what the fuck are we fighting for?  I said
        No more war.  No more war.  No more war.
        the people don't want no more war.

        I dreamed they send me off to fight
        in the middle east in the middle of the night,
        and while I should be out having fun
        I'm running around and packing a gun.
        You know I've always been fashionable but
        khaki just ain't my style.

        We're protecting the interests of the rich,
        so the poor go to fight and die in a ditch.
        We ought to put our guns back on the shelves.
        If they want a war, let them fight it themselves.
        Somehow I don't think you'd catch Danny Quayle
        hacking through the Bush.

        I dreamed the world was one big race,
        striving to get into outer space.
        Instead of bombs we were building cars
        to take us out of here, drive us out to the stars.
        You know I'd feel more comfortable in a shuttle
        than in a tank.

No More War is copyright 1989 John Perry, Chris Morse, Ross Elbling, and Liberal Materialists Music. Any rebroadcast or republication is prohibited without one of our expressed written consent. Write to me with your comments or usage requests

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