(don't do) The Lemming Dance


        I'm glad that the wall came down,
        but we're not out of the Bushes yet.
        I went to an abortion rally last week,
        but I'm not sure which side I'm on.
        (Women's rights! / Dead babies!)

        I own a Batman cup,
        but I don't believe in rampant commercialism.
        I filled my Nikes pumps with lime jello,
        and now the release button doesn't work.

        Don't do the lemming dance.
        Don't do the lemming dance.
        Don't do the lemming dance at all.
        Don't you follow me.
        Don't you walk my way.
        Don't jump off that cliff or you'll die!

        Sure I want to protect the rain forest,
        'cause I like to breathe.
        I don't burn any flags,
        'cause I still haven't run out of Republican junk mail.

        Congress doesn't want AIDS cured,
        cause they like watching gays suffer.
        (Homophobia! / No it isn't!)
        I think the president's lying,
        maybe I should ask a lip reader.

        Sure we want to save the world, but not with our money.

The Lemming Dance is copyright 1989 John Perry, Chris Morse, Ross Elbling, and Liberal Materialists Music. Any rebroadcast or republication is prohibited without one of our expressed written consent. Write to me with your comments or usage requests

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