Late Night Hack


        Late night hack;
	you've done that scene.
	Some more caffeine?
	You know what I mean?
	Don't look back.
	Just keep working on.
	The Times hits the lawn.
	Look up and it's dawn.
	You put it all off till the very last moment,
	and now you'll pay the fiddler his due.

	Maybe, maybe not me, and baby, baby not now.
	I need an identity.  I've got to find it somehow.
	I don't want to be an introverted peon.
	You know I've got more life than that.
	Give me some bright lights, and neon.
	I'll find myself a place where it's at.

	Take me out;
	just get in the car.
	We'll drive to a bar,
	it's not very far.
	Let me pay.
	I know you're not poor,
	but you can't ignore
	that I'm making more.
	Make me stay.
	I'm under the axe.
	Well let's face the facts,
	I need to relax.
	I'm stuck in a rut on this same old treadmill.
	Hey, Jane stop this crazy thing!

	And baby give me a kiss, and darlin' turn out the light.
	Let's take the phone off the hook, and make some loving tonight.
	I don't want to spend my time with a terminal,
	I'd rather spend some time with you.
	So baby give me some kind of signal,
	and say my hacking days are through.

Late Night Hack is copyright 1991 John Perry, Chris Morse, Ross Elbling, and Liberal Materialists Music. Any rebroadcast or republication is prohibited without one of our expressed written consent. Write to me with your comments or usage requests

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