Ambivalent Light


Coca-Cola smile and the dentist bills to prove it.
Money in my pocket from a job, I could take or leave it.
And sex and love were simple, you just gave in to the current.
I could fight off all the hydras, I could fight off any serpent.
Where did it go?

I'm bathed in ambivalent light,
through lies and superstitions.
I'm bathed in ambivalent light.
I can't find this in any religion.
I just don't know you anymore.

Responsibility to everyone, but not to me.
Suits and socks and ties as noose.  As armor they just served no use.
And whispered aspirations that never see the light of day.
Sex in rumpled sheets with strangers who married late and went away.
Where did it go?


Looking through filters that sift out the light.
Break up the images, but there's nothing to right.
Where did it go?


Ambivalent Light is copyright 1994 Liberal Materialists Music

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