Wonderful World


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Steve and Ronnie and Lizzie and Lou
live by Toys-R-Us they know just what to do.
Squeeze mom and dad till the money drips on the floor.

They buy all the goodies and they buy all the trash.
They know mom and dad will never run out of cash.
They get every thing they want on a silver platter.

What a care free life.
What a wonderful world.

Lizzie and Ronnie and Lou and Steve
share obligatory tears but they will never grieve.
See the poor on the corner and give them a quarter.

They join a sorority or go to a frat.
Their minds are vacant but their wallets are fat.
And spring breaks they go south of the border.

What a care free life.
What a wonderful world.

Free love, rich gurus, results from the lab.
Mercedes broke down, have to take the jag.
Glad the sunroof's been fixed, now it'll open.

Lobster, caviar, truffles and crab.
Too much cherries jubilee, we need a doggie bag.
Who's hungry? Who's hungry now.

God I'm glad I'm not poor.
Need a trophy wife.
What a wonderful world.
What a carefree life.

Wonderful World is copyright 1994 Liberal Materialists Music

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