Walk Like a Man


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I crawled behind; now I walk alone
through the ashes of your life and the vacuum of your soul.
You're every man I hated, and every man I loved.
The sins of your father is died in my blood.

And now I don't understand how to walk;
how to walk like a man

In the image of our father I stand accused
of the Madonnas untouchable and the ones I've abused.
It takes so much trust to let the tears roll down;
the feelings explode when no-one else is around.

I change what I can, but I still walk;
I still walk like a man.

The symbols, the buildings, the fast cars,
the sex, the wet dreams, the smoky bars,
the tasteless jokes, the resumes, the impossible request
I took from your shoulders and put on my chest.

And now I don't understand how to walk;
how to walk like a man.

Listen man, I know that I sound confused,
but I can't let go of every role that I have ever refused.
As my child grows in the womb of my mate,
I pray it's not in the belly of my beast or the seed of my hate.

I'll gently hold its hand,
but I'll still walk like a man.

Walk Like a Man is copyright 1989 John Perry, Chris Morse, Ross Elbling, and Liberal Materialists Music.

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