Too Many Valentines


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Too many valentines;
one's not enough for you.
You walk a twisted line.
And as you string them along,
they know that something is wrong
as their valentine hearts turn to blue.

You always change your mind.
You can't commit to one.
But if you don't turn around
then this valentine will be gone.

You always start out being friends and never lovers,
and then you give them your affection.
But when you care for one you disregard the others,
so don't be too surprised when you see their reaction.

Don't give me alibis. I'm not your referee.
I see right through your lies.
When you say that you care
your words are nothing but air,
because you don't care enough to see me.

I'm just a kiss away
from walking out on you.
And if you treat me this cold
you'll lose the valentine that is true.

We started out as friends, you told me not to wait forever,
and then you gave me your affection.
But now the ties we built you just seem to want to sever.
I'm trying to get close, but you're headed in another direction.

Too many valentines.
I'm not enough for you.
I'd be there all the time.
And though you know I would stay,
you keep on pushing away
the valentine that you know would be true.

You can still change your mind,
and give your love to me,
but if I keep losing ground I'll end up nowhere eventually.
When you keep turning away, you leave no other choices to me.
And if you don't turn around you know this valentine will be free.

Too Many Valentines is copyright 1994 John Perry, Chris Morse, Ross Elbling, and Liberal Materialists Music.

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