Always On Trial


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You're always on trial.
Doesn't matter who you're talking to,
they're your judge and jury, and sentence too.
You know that you're always on trial.

It stands to reason if you're reasoning,
you don't let things slip by, catch everything.
And then you weigh the evidence before you,
decide your sentence, and see it through.
But it's the same for other people, too.
They're keeping tabs on what you say and do.
They hear you clearly, then build their muddy thoughts.
Sometimes the words you say don't come across
quite the way they were planned, because

The evidence is passed before your senses.
The jury balks, they can't find a concensus.
It's too confusing, there's just too many threads,
too many meanings in what's been done and said.
Oh no! The defendant wants response.
But do you really know just what he wants?
Is it your body, your money, or some time,
or just information? What is his crime?
You've got to figure it out. Because

You're always on trial.
Doesn't matter what you've said before,
you will always leave them wanting more.
You know that you're always on trial.

All these testimonies and depositions.
You are always changing your position.
Sleazy prosecuter's on a mission.
Win your case again, but there's something missing.
You can't win a crime without investigation,
but you'll never know the whole situation,
cause you didn't do the crime.

A boy testified to you one summer night,
and then he took your verdict right in stride.
He was convincing, you were so elated.
While you deliberated, he dated and mated.
The day arrived, your life sentence was passed.
But then he noticed as the years amassed
though he was guilty of the crime confessed to,
he couldn't stand to be locked up his life through.
He wanted a parole. Because

You're always on trial.
And does it really matter in the end?
Convict a lover or acquit a friend.
You know that you're always on trial.

I don't deny it, I'm on your jury too.
Just waiting for the evidence from you.

Always on Trial is copyright 1994 Liberal Materialists Music

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