Brain Food Cookies

Brain Food Cookies Front Cover

To order a copy of Brain Food Cookies, send your name and address and a check or money order for $7 to:

John Perry
7809 Flight Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90045

If you also let me know by email that you are ordering one, then I'll have it ready to go when your payment arrives.

While most bands have mass manufactured CDs, the LibMats pride ourselves on our individual, hand crafted CDs. We make each CD as you order it, so you'll know your Brain Food Cookies CD contains only the freshest ingredients (like Jack in the Box or In & Out Burger). Our CD's never sit on a steamtable, like artists who's CDs are made by major labels.

(OK, so we can't justify the cost of manufacturing 1000 of them, but the original explanation sounds better :-)

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