The Bridge


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I walk along the edge of the river,
wondering what I should give.
I look down at the ring on my finger,
wondering if it still lives.

We met arguing adolescent nonsense
in superior intellect tones.
Pride swelled in waves on our egos,
we'd think through this love all alone.

But the river swelled, crashed and churned until it started to crest.
We looked around for higher ground, exhausted, we couldn't rest.
Look across. Find me lost, missing the path to the bridge.

Mother and father we became.
Societies roles we could boast.
But we were the ones needed parenting;
we couldn't give what we needed most.

So we yanked out the rug, pulled out the plug on dreams that we shared.
Missiles launched from verbal raunch we smeared in each other's hair.
As the waters flood we drew first blood, trying to cross over the bridge.

My thinking games died in an emotional tied,
and my words have become callous and rough.
I forgive you for wanting more than I am.
Please forgive me for not needing enough.

Star light, star bright,
see them shimmer and shine.
But it's just an atmospheric trick,
a practical joke on the mind.

Optical illusions happen,
even when we think we can see.
Love must be more than magic,
finally we must believe.

Golden bough shining in a
tree in the evening.
Tell your fortune from a
constellation; stars are falling.

Tokens, talismans, potions,
lotions and incantations,
spells and summonings

To prove I care I'll find you there.
Finally cross over the bridge.

The Bridge is copyright 1994 Liberal Materialists Music

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