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The Dash for Seats

[Before the Game]

Considering the fact that priority numbers are handed out, you would think that the first people in would be fairly laid back in getting to their seats, but such is not the case. Basically, once the 4 sets of student doors open, it becomes a mad dash to get to the best seats. If you enter from the colonade doors of section 15, as I usually do, this is your first view of the Pavilion as you enter.

[The High Corner View]
[Stairs to the Floor Seats]

If you enter from the doors to the floor section, it's a bit more dangerous to hurry, as you start by going down a long flight of stairs. After that you walk along the courtside to the bleachers. Usually, the teams are warming up while the students are filling up the seats.

Usually some of the more naive students try to defeat the priority number system by attempting to save seats for half a dozen of their friends. Obviously, this is bogus. If their friends wanted to sit in the front row, they should have showed up to get priority numbers like every one else did. One of the ushers generally points out the no-seat-saving policy to these newbies, and they begrudgingly remove their sweatshirts and backpacks from extra seats to let the truly devoted fans (i.e. those with low priority numbers) take their rightful seats.

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