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After the Game

After the game, the announcers recount how many points each player scored. After that the band plays and the cheerleaders lead in singing two songs. First they sing the Alma Mater. Then (if UCLA won the game) the band starts out on a rousing Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight, then leads into a re-worded version of I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover (the ever popular Dead Dog Rover).

[Cheerleaders Singing Dead Dog Rover]
[Cameron Dollar Interview]

After the band and the cheerleaders pack it in, the radio commentator recaps the game and interviews the player of the game. In this particular game, it was Cameron Dollar who did the honors. You're permitted to stay and watch this, but most people listen to it on their car radios while fighting traffic geting out of the parking lot.

After all the excitement of the game, you get a chance to wind down in your drive home through LA traffic (unless of course you happen to be fortunate enough to live within walking distance to campus).

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