Dream Realized --- Disneyland Opens

$17,500,000 World of Fantasy Dedicated to Children and Hope


Once-upon-a-time-land -- that magical land of fantasy and faraway places in the minds of little children -- became a dream come true yesterday. It came true at the world premiere opening the new $17,500,000 Disneyland -- land of childish dreams and adult hopes -- in Anaheim. Snow White lives. Donald Duck quacks. Captain Hook stalks the paths of Never Never Land. These and other characters from the pages of ageless fairy tales came to life yesterday in the miracle of Disneyland's Fantasyland.

Time in Reverse

Time spun backward in this once-upon-a-time setting. Back to the difficult days of America's pioneer past and daring exploits of the King of the Wild Frontier -- Davy Crockett. Davy Crockett lives again in a land called Frontierland, a land dedicated to the ideals, dreams and exploits that created America. Stagecoaches jogged over the Painted Desert. Indians attacked. A river boat -- the Mark Twain -- moved lazily down the Mississippi. In Frontierland, America's brave past was re-created.

Dreams of Youth

But its pioneer history was contrasted by a startling visit to Tomorrowland -- a land that may well be a prediction of things come true near the year 2000. A rocket shot forth to the moon, filled with squealing little boys and girls. And those adults young enough in mind to recapture the happy dreams of youth. Youngsters caught in this dreamland discovered these adventures as they strolled happily down a path that led from this world of reality to Disneyland's wonderful world of dreams.


There was a place called Adventureland, where they rode an explorer boat down tropical rivers. Plastic crocodiles snapped. Lions roared. Tigers growled. The shore was lined with tropical flowers. Wild birds cried from the treetops. This happy world of wonders within a troubled world came to life with magic wand-like suddenness when Walt Disney stepped off the Santa Fe and Disneyland train accompanied by Gov. Knight. From there, Disney strolled to the Town Square at the head of Main St., U.S.A. His dedication address was simple "All who come to this happy place -- welcome.," he said. "Here age relives fond memories of the past... and here youth may savor the

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Disneyland Open Daily 10 A.M. - 10 P.M.

Disneyland will open to the public today. It will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. through the summer months. A years work -- and $17,500,000 -- went into construction of Disney's attraction. The park is located just off the Santa Ana Freeway at Harbor Blvd. in Anaheim. Disneyland spreads across 160 acres of land formerly occupied by orange groves.
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