Disneyland Guide Books

For most of it's history, Disneyland has handed out some sort of a guide to the part as you enter. The current guides ("Today at Disneyland") are in the form of a flyer, while most of the older guides were considerably more detailed booklets. They've also usually sold souvenier guides at the park that contain less visitor information and more pictures and accounts of the details of the park.

Presented here are scans of several of these guides for your enjoyment. Some of these are courtesy of David Perry's Disneyland collection

The Original Guide Book from 1955

1955 Guide
1957 Souvenir Guide

The Souvenir guide from 1957 (EXCELLENT!)

A Visit to Disneyland from 1965

1967 Summer Guide cover

The Souvenier Guide from Summer of 1967

Guide from 1969 (UP SOON)

Fall-Winter 1971-72 guide cover

The guide from Fall-Winter 1971-72